Why Do You Need a Dental Crown?

A smile can determine your relationships, confidence, and overall health. An unhealthy and unattractive smile can hinder you from socializing freely. It can also impact your confidence affecting your performance at work or school. In addition, an unhealthy smile increases your risk of cavities, heart disease, and diabetes.

Poor oral hygiene, aging, and dental trauma can make a smile unhealthy and unattractive. Fortunately, the dentist can improve such teeth with dental crowns in Brentwood. Read on to learn why you may need dental crowns.

What Is a Dental Crown?

It is a cap resembling a tooth in color, shape, and size made from porcelain, resin, ceramics, or metals. A dental crown is fixed over a damaged or decayed tooth to protect, strengthen, and restore it. The experts at the dental office in Brentwood customize crowns to fit perfectly over teeth. A crown is the best option for extending the life of a decayed or damaged tooth for years.

Why Do Some Teeth Need Dental Crowns?

There are various options for restoring your teeth and smile. The dentist may use fillings, veneers, onlays, crowns, or tooth bonding. All these restorations are effective in repairing the tooth’s function and appearance. However, the dentist may prefer a crown over other restorations. Below are some reasons why teeth need crowns.

Restoring teeth with large cavities

Cavities form when oral bacteria combine with starches to produce acids that erode the tooth enamel. They dissolve the enamel over time, allowing bacteria to access the tooth and form holes. When these holes or cavities grow, they weaken the tooth’s structure.

The dentist will drill out the decayed portion and apply a customized crown. This crown covers the tooth completely, stopping further enamel erosion and decay. It will also strengthen the tooth, ensuring it does not crack when you chew.

Replacing a large filling

When you have cavities, the dentist can repair them with tooth fillings. After a long time, the cavity may become bigger, necessitating a larger filling. However, the filling may cause the tooth to crack if it covers more than half of the tooth. Therefore, the dentist will crown the tooth to prevent further damage.

Repairing cracked teeth

Your teeth may crack due to a large cavity, bruxism, or after dental trauma. The crack exposes your tooth nerves resulting in extreme sensitivity to cold or hot things. Bacteria may also penetrate the tooth, causing infections in the roots. A dental crown is placed over the cracked tooth to prevent sensitivity and tooth root infections.

Replace lost enamel

We have already seen that the enamel gets eroded by acids in plaque leading to cavities. The enamel of patients with good oral hygiene can also be worn down due to severe acid reflux. Acids from the stomach reach the mouth and damage the tooth enamel leading to oral issues.

Your dentist can prevent the acids from reaching your teeth by fixing crowns on them. Therefore, they will prevent further tooth damage. Also, the crowns will replace the lost enamel rebuilding the tooth and enabling it to function properly.

Root canal treatment

Cavities or cracks in the tooth allow bacteria to access and infect the root canals. A root canal treatment focuses on treating or eliminating the infected tooth roots. After a root canal, the tooth will have no blood supply or support since the tissues inside it are removed. Therefore, it will be brittle and may lose its white color for a gray on

The dentist will place a crown on a tooth after root canal treatment. It will strengthen the tooth and help prevent breakage allowing you to chew comfortably. In addition, the crown will hide any changes in tooth color caused by a lack of blood supply.

Repair discolored or misshaped teeth

People with smaller-than-average teeth can improve their shape and size using crowns. In addition, those with permanently stained teeth can achieve a bright smile with crowns. They conceal the stains with tooth-colored crowns giving you a perfectly white smile.

Are you searching for a dental office in Brentwood that provides dental crowns? Then contact us at Brentwood Dental Arts. We will repair and improve your smile using natural-looking dental crowns. Our team is well-trained and vastly experience in placing various types of dental crowns.