Are Root Canals Safe During Pregnancy? Risks and Considerations.

Pregnancy is an exciting but delicate time. Your oral health impacts your complete health, so it’s natural to have questions if you require dental work during pregnancy. We understand your concerns at Brentwood Dental Art in Los Angeles, CA. Here’s what to know about getting a root canal while pregnant.

Are root canals safe during pregnancy?

In most cases, yes. Necessary dental procedures like root canals are considered safe throughout pregnancy. The main risk of avoiding dental work is developing a more serious problem that threatens your health and the baby.

As your trusted dental provider, we prioritize caring for you and your little one. We use the latest technology and training to provide gentle, effective treatment with minimal risk.

Our Root Canal Specialist follows strict protocols to deliver safe, comfortable care. We also collaborate closely with your OBGYN to monitor your pregnancy. Let us know if you have any questions or worries – we are happy to discuss them.

What are the possible risks of a root canal when pregnant?

While dental procedures are typically safe, every pregnancy is unique. It’s normal to have some worries about dental care. Here are a few risks to consider:

  • Discomfort or pain – As with anyone, you may experience tenderness during and after treatment. We use anesthesia to maximize comfort and provide post-care instructions to manage discomfort. Let us know if you have any pain or concerns after the procedure.
  • Stress – Dental visits and procedures can cause anxiety. Stress is not ideal during pregnancy. We aim to put you at ease with a calming office environment and empathetic care. You can also ask us about relaxation techniques.
  • Infection – A root canal treats an existing infection, but there is a slight risk of a new infection afterward. We minimize this through sterile techniques, antibiotics if needed, and proper follow-up care. Contact us right away if you notice any worrisome symptoms like fever, chills, or swelling.
  • Radiation – Dental X-rays use very low radiation. Lead shielding also protects your abdomen and thyroid. The benefits of diagnosing problems outweigh the minimal risks of radiation. Share any concerns – we will take all precautions to keep you safe.

When is the best time for a root canal during pregnancy?

Ideally, the second trimester is optimal for dental treatment. The first trimester brings profound hormonal shifts and morning sickness that can make dental visits more difficult. The third trimester brings discomfort and fatigue as the baby grows.

The second trimester offers the path of least resistance.

Symptoms tend to subside as risks decrease. Let us know your due date so we can schedule appropriately. Don’t hesitate to call if you require a root canal earlier or later. We can provide necessary treatment at any stage of pregnancy.

What are alternatives to getting a root canal?

If you wish to postpone a root canal until after delivery, we have some temporary options to relieve pain and prevent infection until treatment is possible:

  • Crown or tooth extraction – For severely damaged teeth, removing the tooth may be safest. It eliminates infection risk. For less severe cases, we may recommend a crown to protect and strengthen the tooth until you can have a root canal.
  • Medication – Prescription antibiotics and pain relievers can temporarily manage symptoms. This option requires close monitoring. Infection may still spread or worsen.
  • Dental bond or fillings – We can place protective fillings or bonds over irritated areas to provide relief. These are temporary fixes until a root canal is performed.

Let us know if you wish to delay your procedure. We will discuss the most appropriate interim treatment options to keep you comfortable until postpartum.

Root canals are typically recommended for a reason – to resolve an existing issue before it worsens. While alternatives may buy some time, they are usually stop-gap measures. A root canal will be needed eventually to address the problem fully.

Get the dental care you need at Brentwood Dental Art.

We hope this overview has provided some reassurance about root canals and pregnancy. While each patient’s needs are unique, necessary dental work is generally safe throughout pregnancy when performed by an experienced dentist’s office in Brentwood.

At Brentwood Dental Art, we specialize in minimizing risk while providing optimal oral health care during pregnancy. Let us know if you have any other questions! We are happy to discuss your options for a healthy smile and delivery.